' A Taste of Monterey - Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

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Is your group in Meetings all day? Get out and enjoy the beauty of the Monterey Peninsula with this unique team building activity while also getting to know your colleages better.

The Great Monterey Scavenger Hunt

Get your group outside to see the highlights of Cannery Row and Historic Monterey. The Team Building Scavenger Hunt includes three parts:

  • Photos (which we will provide on CD to your group - a great memory for all to share)
  • Physical Evidence
  • Questions to Answer (Why not make it educational as well)

    Our stretegic partner, Adventures-by-the-Sea can tailor this activity to cover any location, to leave from and return to any hotel or restaurant, and fill as much time has you have available. They can also incorporate bikes or Surreys. They have staff on hand that will grade each group and award ribbons to the winners and a gag prize to the last place team. All in good fun of course. This great adventure can begin and/or end at A Taste of Monterey.  A little Monterey County wine in the mix will make for an incredible afternoon.
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